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Alia Instruments

Alia Instruments Non-Nuclear Density Meter

Our Alia Density Meter provides quick and accurate measurement of slurry density, without the need for a radioactive source. This electromechanical solution eliminates the need for licenses, specialized training, and reduces nuclear waste, making it the ideal choice for companies looking to operate sustainably. And the best part? The Alia Density Meter integrates seamlessly with existing flow meters and control systems, making it the perfect solution for enhancing production and controlling your processes. Experience peace of mind and improved efficiency with the Alia Density Meter.

Get real-time and accurate measurements of slurry density with the Alia Density Meter. Easily installed in-line in your pipeline, the meter measures density under dynamic conditions, giving you an instant understanding of your slurry’s mass and volume. Using cutting-edge technology, an actuator exerts force and an accelerometer measures acceleration, allowing the meter to calculate slurry density with unmatched speed and precision. With no need to consider pipe diameter or slurry composition, the Alia Density Meter is the ideal solution for optimizing production and controlling your processes with confidence.

Advantages of using a Non-Nuclear Density Meter
  • A more sustainable business management and company reputation
  • Employees who are not afraid to perform checks and repairs
  • No need for special trainings or specifically trained personnel
  • Demonstrating social responsibility, and responding to society’s pressure to reduce nuclear waste
  • No concerns about more stringent regulations in the future
  • No more challenges when transporting nuclear sources