Microwave Type Flow Sensor (KFD-1)

  • Model: KFD-1
  • Power Source: 105/210VAC ±10% 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 5VA
  • Detection Distance: Max1.5m (depends on substance)
  • Type of Wave: NON
  • Frequency: 24.2GHz
  • Radiation Power: 5.5mW
  • Output Contact: SPDT AC250V 5A
  • ON Delay: Max.10seconds (variable)
  • OFF Delay: Max.10seconds (variable)
  • Allowable Pressure: 490kPa
  • Temperature: -10℃~+55℃
  • Enclosure Rating: IP67

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  • Our unique circuit technology has been upgraded not to overlook even a grain.
  • Our 24GHz technology has made it possible to sense through an intermediate barrier such as glass or synthetic resin.
  • It may hardly be affected by smudges on the sensing surface or scale adhesion due to our 24GHz technology.
  • It can detect flow in both small and large quantity if its sensitivity is property adjusted.