Capacity Type Level Indicator KLG Series

  • Model: KLG Series
  • Power Source: Distributor (Option)
  • Power Consumption: 4W
  • Output Signal: DC 4~20mA Resistance Load Max.100Ω
  • Measuring Sensitivity: 10pF・30pF・3000pF
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Housing: Outdoor Wall mounting
  • Length of Exclusive Cable: Max. 25m
  • Operating Temperature: -20~+70℃
  • Enclosure Rating: IP-66
  • Color: Gold
  • Enclosure Rating: IP67

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  • Reliable detection even when objects are being fed.
  • It can be applied to anything including powder, granules and liquid.
  • Not affected by dust, it can accurately indicate.
  • It is possible to select one of the most suitable sensors out of a wide range of products, depending upon the applicable conditions. (high temperature, high pressure, strong acid/ alkali, conductivity, insulation property and others)
  • Safely measure a wide span with electrodes designed to be strong enough.
  • The intrinsically safe explosion-proof model is also available for use at an explosive area.