Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch – Model NL/NM/FL-GM/NNL/NNM SERIES

Standard Specification
  • Power Source : 100–110VAC or 200–220VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 4W
  • Contact Capacity : 250VAC 5A Resistance Load
  • Rate of Rotation : 1r.p.m/50Hz
  • Allowable Temperature : below 50°C (in a tank)
  • Withstand Voltage : 1500VAC one minute for in between terminal and housing
  • Detection Torque : 1470–1764N ∙ m×10-4
  • Allowable Pressure : 19.6kPa
  • Color : Gold
  • Process Connection : G1B or Equivalent to JIS 5K 65A
  • Enclosure Rating : IP55 or equivalent

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A rotating paddle, being loaded by sediments in a tank, activates a limit switch and brings contact output and motor rotation to a halt at the same time. With no load by sediments, the motor resumes rotation. When the paddle is overloaded or suffers strong shock, a clutch system prevents the motor from being broken by letting out excessive load and shock.